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Bespoke lampshades

Choosing your lampshade

what size lamshade do I need

Our lampshades are all professionally hand crafted by our designers to a high standard offering stunning designs which we believe will complement any home; combined with our lamp bases we believe our shades provide the inspirational edge which will be a delight for any room.

We love light and colour; combining the two seems as natural as nature. We believe in statement designs; those capturing your imagination; colourful shades, which light up the room and do more than cover a bulb; statement lampshades, noticed for all the right reasons ~ creating beauty around you.

We do have a small selection of lampshades for ceiling lights, table lamps and standard lamps in the most popular sizes (20cm, 30cm and 40cm diameter) which are ready to go. However, should you require a different size then please contact us and we will be very happy to create to your specification.

Silk lampshade

Trinity Design Studio specialise in creating bespoke handcrafted designer lampshades. Where you would like us to paint a silk shade, a parchment shade, have your own fabric or a lamp you would like us to make a unique shade for - then you are in the right place!


If you are looking for a lamp shade which is not just available in the big stores then we will be able to create what you are looking for and hand make it here in the UK.

Whatever the size, from very small to ginormous - we can make it for you. There are also a variety of shapes available as well as well as trims and internal laminates each of which we can discuss during your consultation with our designer, who will always listen to your requirements and endeavour to handcraft your shade to your exacting requirements.

We will happily create any shade you would like; please just contact us and we will do our very best to accommodate your requirements.

Silk lampshade

We have a lovely selection of hand painted silk shades in our shop which we hope you will love as much as we do. If you have a colour scheme and you would like us to paint a lampshade to complement, then please speak to our designer and we will discuss your requirements.

At Trinity Design Studio we believe choosing your lampshades should be easy and are happy to help you choose your designer shade. There are some basic things to think about; size, colour, style (shape), material and also the light bulb. We have written a really comprehensive guide; 'choosing your designer lampshade', as well as further information, which you can find on our design information page, we hope will find these useful to aid your purchase.

Additionally, we are here to discuss your requirements, which we know these days can be difficult 'face to face'. So, we use telephone, email, social media and 'Zoom' as alternatives, where our social interactions may be unfeasible. 

two lampshades
what size lamshade
how do I decide what size lampshade
lampshade for pendant
can I get a lampshade made to measure
what size lampshade for ceiling
what size lampshade for floor lamp
what size lampshade for table lamp

Hand painted silk scarf

As well as painting our silk lampshade we have a fantastic range of hand painted silk scarves, which are extremely popular. Our hand painted silk scarves offer a modern twist to traditional styling. Each scarf is made from 100% silk and created by our designer in a unique design, so you can be assured that no one else will ever have one the same!

Our scarves make great gifts. If you would like a scarf for a special occasion and for that special person then please ask and we will gladly design and create one for you in any colour or shade of your choice.

hand painted silk scarf
hand painted silk scarf
can I get a lampshade made for me
how do I choose a lampshade
is there someone who make lampshades
who makes lampshades

Textured art (paintings & material)

Our collection of art combines both colour and fabric with a diverse blend of modern and restored frames. We have both our unique hand painted art, where you will find a collection of many colourful textured paintings. We also have a selection of fabric art which we have framed in both modern and vintage frames. Some of this framed art are the materials we use to create our lampshades and some are hand painted framed silks; all of which are unique and again we think provide the inspirational edge for any home.

textured art
textured art
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