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Bespoke Custom Designer Lampshades

Please contact us to discuss your unique requirements and we will do the rest.

Bespoke Designs

Lampshade Styles

Lampshade Shapes & Sizes

Trinity Design Studio welcome you to contact us with bespoke orders. Whether you have your own material you would like making into a lampshade or have a particular size in mind (or not); or you wish us to create a shade you have seen in our collection but would like a larger or smaller, taller or shorter, or a different type (ceiling or table) or shape, we are always happy to help.

For a 'simple' shade, our usual lead time for creating your lampshade is usually around 1-2 weeks, but may be longer in busier periods.

However, if you require a truly unique shade we will design this to your exacting requirements. A truly bespoke shade may take around 4 weeks for production depending on availability of components and how busy we are.

In the first instance please contact us for further information on our design services or to chat with us about your requirements call us on 07538976617. From here we are then able to set up either a face to face appointment or 'virtual' meeting with you for assistance and clarification of your needs.

Shade refurbishment

We refurbish lampshades! If you have an existing lampshade which you would like recovering then we can update your shade, change the material, modernise and restyle it to suit your requirements.

Soft shade & rigid shades

Soft shades have material interiors. Rigid shades have laminate interiors; we handcraft both! Whilst rigid shades have internal laminates to ensure fire retardant capability, soft shades are coated with a spray-on fire retardant ensuring both meet regulations.

We handcraft bespoke customisable lampshades. So, what do we mean by customisable? For your bespoke shade, you get to configure or customise the lampshade to suit your individual requirements.


We know it is not always easy to choose your designer lampshade; there are many things that are customisable, so with this in mind we have written a comprehensive guide which we hope will help. This guide is available by clicking here.

Some things you may wish to consider for your customisable lampshade are:

Ceiling, floor or table lampshade?

Where the lampshade is going to be located? This may seem obvious. However, as the makers, it is vital we know where you are going to locate your lampshade, since it will affect the type of fitting you require. So, please let us know whether you require a shade as a table lampshade, standard lampshade, pendant lampshade or ceiling lampshade, before we start to build!

External lampshade textile

The external textile of the lampshade will effect the overall look and feel of the lampshade, as well as how much light the shade will let through.

These days, many shades are externally made with fabric, which can be pretty much any fabric of your choice; linen, silk, cotton, velvet etc.. However, whilst we make many lampshades with fabric we also use, paper and fibreglass for the exterior all creating different effects, looks, styles and characteristics.

Additionally, the colour of the shade and whether a plain or pattern is also customisable.


Internal laminate for lampshade

For rigid shades an internal laminate is required. The laminates, not only provide structure and make the shade fire retardant, they are a great way to customise. Choose from a white interior, gold, silver, cream, in in fact pretty much any colour you can think of and we will hand craft to achieve the desired affect.

Trims, edging, braids, accessories...

With heavily patterned fabric, there is often little reason to add accessories. However, when a shade is plain material, adding a fringe, tassels, edge, braid, feathers, pearls, jewels or just generally adding accessories to the lampshade is not only one of personal choice but can make a great statement and create something really special and unique.

Lamp shades come in many shapes and sizes. No one size or shape fits all.


Many shapes are available for your lampshade: tapered, round, oval, square; the choice is yours! Whilst our online shop sells round, drum lampshades, we handcraft many different shapes and sizes to suit your specifications, interior designs and ideas.

Our Drum lampshades are extremely stylish and popular, enhancing any room.


The majority of our shades in our online shop are 3 sizes: Small, medium and large (20cm, 30cm, 40cm diameter) are the most popular sizes.

Our 'lampshade size diagram' shows how to measure diameter and height for our designer lampshades. Custom heights, tailor made to your specifications, are available for all our online shades by contacting us.

Additionally, when customising your lampshade you get to choose not only the design shape and style of your shade but the height and dimension.

Basically, if you don't see what you are looking for then please contact us with your specifications and we will do the rest.

lampshade size diagram

Lampshade size diagram

Lampshade interior

Internal laminate

Lampshade Design Variability

All our lampshades are hand crafted at Trinity Design Studio. Due to the nature of the cloth there are natural variations and faults within the fabric. Patterned fabric can be difficult to match exactly between lampshades, whilst we will endeavour to create shades as similar as possible, with the very nature of some patterns it may prove difficult to match the shade exactly. Therefore, we provide no guarantee of shades being identical. Our hand painted shades, again will be similar to each other, but will not be exactly the same. The only way we are able to make shades identical is when plain fabric is used. So, please bear this in mind when ordering multiple shades.


The product photographs on this site are images of one item produced within a “collection” of items and therefore the lampshade you receive may not be identical to the one shown. However, every attempt is made to ensure consistency of colour and pattern placement for each product within a “collection”.

All lampshades in our online shop are lined with a white interior (unless otherwise stated) and all comply with BS EN 60598-1-2008, the British Standard for Luminaires. If you would like a different colour interior to your lampshade please contact us.

Whilst we endeavour to provide photographs of our goods to the best of our ability, we cannot accept any responsibility for colour variations in the photographs, as all monitors and mobile devices differ. If you are unsure of the exact colour, please request a sample and we will be happy to help.

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