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Our Story & Philosophy

With a passion for lighting, colour and interior design, a talent for business and natural flair for creativity, our designer has always loved finding solutions and creating ideas into reality; hence Trinity Design Studio was conceived.

Designing lampshades

"Whenever you are creating beauty around you, you are restoring your own soul" - Alice Walker

Celebrating light, design and colour

Inspirational designs


Love and attention

hand painted silk scarf
silk scarf shop
handpainted lamp shade and hand painted silk scarf
silk scarves uk

At Trinity Design Studio we love the magnificence of nature. Every day we see the brilliant effects as the sun lights up the day, flowers display their beautiful colour and form.

We love the magnificent effects light and colour produce and endeavour to recreate the beauty within our designs, textures and colour of our fabrics of our lampshades, scarves and art together with the splendour of the carefully chosen and lovingly restored lights.

We hope you enjoy sharing our carefully handcrafted and inspired designs which help us celebrate light, design and colour.

At Trinity Design Studio our attention to detail is paramount to everything we do. We take time to ensure every product is right, and if it’s not, we revisit until it passes our designer’s stringent quality control! We ensure every lampshade, hand painted silk, scarf and art is lovingly produced to the highest standard. So, rest assured you get the best service possible at a good price as we always charge for our products and not our time. If it takes us longer to get it right then you get a quality product. Therefore, you can be certain for your bespoke, custom and all our handcrafted items, you will pay a fair price.

We provide quality handmade lampshades; from one off orders to larger commercial orders. Our designers ensure each shade is made with the same love and attention to detail as every other. All our lamp bases are carefully chosen, lovingly restored and certified to current regulations (PAT tested by our in house certified PAT tester). And if, like us you, have found it difficult to find your perfect shade we will always help you choose your designer lampshade and the best shade for your ceiling or lamp (or one of the ones in our collection), just ask!


Lamshades Enagland

Our love of nature means we believe in protecting the planet and are eco-friendly. We take pride in sourcing our cloth from local and Fair Trade suppliers and always prefer to work with natural fabrics wherever possible. We will of course make lampshades for you in any material you provide, providing the fabric is suitable.

Our love of nature also extends to our packaging…we only use eco-friendly packaging, so whether you are collecting your order, or we deliver, you won’t find any plastic! We have taken the time to source alternatives to plastic wrapping and plastic bags, which are the most suitable to protect your special purchases whilst in transit and also help us do our part in saving the environment and protecting nature.

Lovely lamp shade and lamp reviews
lampshade large

Some of our customer testimonials


We would like to thank our lampshade customers for taking the time to photograph their lamps and lampshades in their homes and for all the very kind word they have said about us - thank you all      

Standard lampshade

"Shade is perfect"

Two celing lampshades

"Two beautiful lampshades - thank you"

Large Lampshade and Lamp

"I am so pleased with both the lamp shade and the lamp"

Drum ceiling lampshade

"Love my purchase!"

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